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Mr. Markus Manser
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SAWA combines consultation, development and production of high-quality pumps under one roof. This means we are able to find the ideal solutions for your company. If total reliability, robustness and hygiene are required, we’re there.

- Centrifugal pump HD - self-priming
- Centrifugal pump LE and ZA
- Submersible pump ZAT
- Magnetic centrifugal pump HDM, ZAM, LEM
- ATEX centrifugal pump

Areas of application

Food industry: Liquid egg, vinegar, concentrates, flavourings, vitamins, milk, cream, curd, buttermilk, sauces, cooking oil, sugar solutions, brine, spices, fatty acids, CIP, yoghurt, whey, fats, cocoa butter, liquid malt etc.

Beverage industry: Mineral water, syrup, spirits, fruit juices (including fruit juices with pulp), wine, beer, brewer’s yeast, lemon juice, alcohol, liqueur, CIP, vegetable juices, iced tea etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Perfumes, emulsions, alcohols, herbal extracts, flavourings, WFI/PUW/HPW, CIP/SIP, colourants, infusion solutions, applications in bio-technology etc.

Chemicals and industry: Lyes, acids, milk of lime, alcohols, methanol, ethanol, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, DI water, urea, glycol solutions, various applications in reverse osmosis processes, biodiesel, waste water with particles, condensates, liquid-deicing salt etc.

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Centrifugal Pumps
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