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Centrifugal pump HD

The HD impresses with its very great suction capacity and your running! Also ideal for use with gaseous media.

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Pumps with magnetic coupling

A large part of the SAWA pump range is available with hermetically sealed magnetic couplings. These pumps are also designed and manufactured in such a way that they can be used without problems for hygienic and sterile applications.

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Hybrid centrifugal pump LES

The stainless steel hybrid centrifugal pump LES is an excellent alternative to the side canal pump. It has an inductive pump cover and an integrated feedback system, which can be successfully used as a self-priming pump.

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Sterile and pharmaceutical pumps

Sterile design for a high degree of biological safety, with Ra values ​​up to <0.4 μm and complete residual emptying. The ideal pumps when absolute sterility is required.

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Residual-drainage valve RE15

On the SAWA residual emptying valve RE15, the sealing to the product-bearing pump interior is effected by means of O-rings, directly on the inner surface. This makes the RE15 an absolutely dead-space-free alternative to all conventional diaphragm valves.

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In order to guarantee a perfect flow of liquid at low NPSH values ​​of the system (<2m), SAWA offers for various pump types, inducers of various sizes and diameters.

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SAWA pumps

SAWA combines consultation, development and production of high-quality pumps under one roof. This means we are able to find the ideal solutions for your company. If total reliability, robustness and hygiene are required, we’re there.

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Anfangs November konnte mit der Erstellung des Erweiterungsbaus der SAWA Pumpentechnik in Degersheim begonnen werden.


Pumpen mit «Hygienic Design»

Die Sawa Pumpentechnik AG bietet für die Lebensmittel-, Pharma- und Chemieindustrie Edelstahl-Kreiselpumpen mit Edelstahl-Antrieb an. Auf der Achema 2015 in Frankfurt zeigt Sawa die neuesten Entwicklungen.



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